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Not Just Physical Poetry

Those who know me, know I have some fun with writing fun “jingles” or poems. I use them to express something meaningful in a fun, and entertaining way. Though it takes some effort, they are usually birthed by inspiration. Check out some of my past blogs for some examples I’ve shared.

Today’s is by a guest author. Written by a fellow net-worker Jim Strachan, Your-Favorite Mortgage-Guy. He is incredibly creative and I so appreciate that he wrote this for Living Well. ( He IS an amazing mortgage guy too!)

Not Just Physical PoetryWhole_Person

At Living Well, you will soon see

Better Health is Physical Poetry

A new approach, to cure your pain

Will promote a happy, Body, Psyche, and Brain

True Balance in, diet, muscle tone & Mind

Nurtures a body, of the pain-free kind

Come to Living Well, and learn a new way

To help your Whole Self, enjoy work, rest or play





Love your You!

 …..simple things to take care of you????????????????????????????????????????

Wear a scarf when the weather’s cold,

keep you warmer and your shoulders relaxed

Bend your knees when you forward fold

protect your joints and save your back

Lift with your legs when you’re shoveling snow

get a good workout and care for your spine

Rest from the things that keep you on the go

All is well…really it’s fine

Spend time in quiet….a bath or outside

be more connected to you and Spirit

Hug a friend if you’ve laughed or cried

tell a good joke to those who will hear it

Eat whole foods, steer clear of the sweets

slow inflammation and nourish your cells

See your P.T. lest injury repeat

Feel good, move great and be Living Well!