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It’s now late fall, the trees are all bare,

I’m grateful for all those in my life that care.

I look back on this year

With both laughter and tears.

The Blessings I have go on without end,

Love and support from family and friends.

Some things are hard & really move slow,

I’m grateful for challenges for they help me grow.

At times things hot and are really burning,

But aren’t failures just times of great learning?

I’m grateful for clients who move like slugs,

So when they feel better I get smiles and hugs.

Friends help me maneuver life’s little struggles,

And keep things moving with all there’s to juggle.

One last bit of gratitude before I end,

I’m grateful for inspiration & lessons from each Blessed friend.

WHY WEIGHT? Wednesdays & Thursdays!

Join nutritionist Donna Ichikawa in her popular WHY WEIGHT? program with the addition of Thursday NUTRITION COUNSELING and PERSONAL TRAINING sessions.





  • Jump start your individualized body composition and exercise program
  • Accountability on a weekly basis to keep you on track with your nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  • Personal Training Optional Add-On to enhance body sculpting or address problem areas such as lower back, shoulders, or knees.

Focus On:

  • Weekly optional weigh-ins
  • BioImpedance Analysis – electronically measures body fat vs. lean tissue, and recommends the specific caloric intake unique to your body composition
  • Weekly 30-minute private sessions with Donna Ichikawa – Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Therapist, to resolve personal struggles with supplements, diet, exercise, detox, emotional eating, building muscle, and burning fat
  • Optional Add-On – weekly 30-minute personal training sessions with Lisa Hodges, Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor


  • Options: $100 for all 4 nutrition sessions only.  $125 for all 4 personal training sessions only.
  • $225 for both nutrition and personal training sessions (half hour sessions each)
  • Payment in full is due on your first visit.  No refunds.  Commitment to your good health starts here!


Living Well Physical Therapy

1880 Winchester Road, Ste. 102

Libertyville, IL 60048

(Between N. Butterfield Rd. and Rt. 45 Lake Street)

To Sign Up:

Contact Donna Ichikawa  847-971-0239