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Jingle Bells Living Well

Dashing through the snow, while out shopping one day

You slipped upon the ice…many choice words you say.

Your back is out of whack, your knees are all banged up

Come on in, we’ll treat you right so you can be on your way

Oh, Living Well, Living Well, Living well today

We’ll fix up & help you out so you can get out and play

You came in for a visit, We listen to you complain

Then we use our skillful hands to take away all your pain

Now you’re limber in your back, Your knees can freely bend

You’re so pleased with the care you got that you go tell all your friends

Oh Living Well, Living Well, Living well today                 

When you need, to be cared for, go to Living Well today! Hey!


Autumn Abundance

If this Autumn finds you howling in pain,

Going to Living Well is using your brain.

Whether your joints crunch like the fallen leaves,

or your back is stiff from too many heaves.

For your bones we’ll use our tricks to treat,

Helping your skeleton from your head to your feet.

Putting a spring back into your step,

Restoring your energy with lots of pep.

Harvest your healing, there’s no greater wealth,

Than Living Well with and abundance of health.