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Jingle Bells Living Well

Dashing through the snow, while out shopping one day

You slipped upon the ice…many choice words you say.

Your back is out of whack, your knees are all banged up

Come on in, we’ll treat you right so you can be on your way

Oh, Living Well, Living Well, Living well today

We’ll fix up & help you out so you can get out and play

You came in for a visit, We listen to you complain

Then we use our skillful hands to take away all your pain

Now you’re limber in your back, Your knees can freely bend

You’re so pleased with the care you got that you go tell all your friends

Oh Living Well, Living Well, Living well today                 

When you need, to be cared for, go to Living Well today! Hey!


Autumn Abundance

If this Autumn finds you howling in pain,

Going to Living Well is using your brain.

Whether your joints crunch like the fallen leaves,

or your back is stiff from too many heaves.

For your bones we’ll use our tricks to treat,

Helping your skeleton from your head to your feet.

Putting a spring back into your step,

Restoring your energy with lots of pep.

Harvest your healing, there’s no greater wealth,

Than Living Well with and abundance of health.





Not Just Physical Poetry

Those who know me, know I have some fun with writing fun “jingles” or poems. I use them to express something meaningful in a fun, and entertaining way. Though it takes some effort, they are usually birthed by inspiration. Check out some of my past blogs for some examples I’ve shared.

Today’s is by a guest author. Written by a fellow net-worker Jim Strachan, Your-Favorite Mortgage-Guy. He is incredibly creative and I so appreciate that he wrote this for Living Well. ( He IS an amazing mortgage guy too!)

Not Just Physical PoetryWhole_Person

At Living Well, you will soon see

Better Health is Physical Poetry

A new approach, to cure your pain

Will promote a happy, Body, Psyche, and Brain

True Balance in, diet, muscle tone & Mind

Nurtures a body, of the pain-free kind

Come to Living Well, and learn a new way

To help your Whole Self, enjoy work, rest or play





Gift of Care

‘Twas Black Friday morning and I had my listgifts

Of the gifts I was seeking…you get the gist

When it comes to shopping for family and friends

I would give every effort…I would go to all ends


I shopped and I shopped, went to dozens of stores

‘til at last I could not go into even one more

My feet they were burning, my arms—they ached

I swear my low back was about to break


Both my knees throbbed as I dropped the last bags in the trunk

My Goodness! Did I really buy all this junk?

I wobbled to the car and plopped in the chair

Everything hurt- even my hair


“I did it !  I’m finished” I shouted with glee!

Just one thing more… I need some PT!!!

I know just where to go as all my friends tell…

The place for great care is LIVING WELL


It’s pleasant and peaceful like a breath of fresh air

But the real reason to go is for fabulous care

They assess you and listen to all your complaints

They move you, or tape you, and teach you – they’re saints


So what part of your body? Back neck arms, or knees?

Needs the care from good hands of Living Well PT?




It’s now late fall, the trees are all bare,

I’m grateful for all those in my life that care.

I look back on this year

With both laughter and tears.

The Blessings I have go on without end,

Love and support from family and friends.

Some things are hard & really move slow,

I’m grateful for challenges for they help me grow.

At times things hot and are really burning,

But aren’t failures just times of great learning?

I’m grateful for clients who move like slugs,

So when they feel better I get smiles and hugs.

Friends help me maneuver life’s little struggles,

And keep things moving with all there’s to juggle.

One last bit of gratitude before I end,

I’m grateful for inspiration & lessons from each Blessed friend.

Love your You!

 …..simple things to take care of you????????????????????????????????????????

Wear a scarf when the weather’s cold,

keep you warmer and your shoulders relaxed

Bend your knees when you forward fold

protect your joints and save your back

Lift with your legs when you’re shoveling snow

get a good workout and care for your spine

Rest from the things that keep you on the go

All is well…really it’s fine

Spend time in quiet….a bath or outside

be more connected to you and Spirit

Hug a friend if you’ve laughed or cried

tell a good joke to those who will hear it

Eat whole foods, steer clear of the sweets

slow inflammation and nourish your cells

See your P.T. lest injury repeat

Feel good, move great and be Living Well!

SPRING! is Springing!

258Spring Air

Ah! Spring is in the Air!

Don’t you love that fresh smell?

Let me tell you about Living Well.

It’s a therapy clinic…it’s the place to be,

When you’ve wrenched your back or strained your knee.

It’s a well-spring of health

It will refresh and restore

We’ll fix you up right so you’re ready for more.

If you gardened all weekend…

I know what that’s like!

Or perhaps you just spent too much time on your bike!

We’ll help figure out if it’s muscle, joint, or tendon

And show you how to be correctly bendin’

So if you got over-excited about the warm weather and sun,

Did some planting and digging…got a bit overdone

And now your green thumb is hurting form your head to your toe

Living Well PT is the place to go!


Winter Fun

Winter Fun

It’s winter time – It’s cold out there

Come on in for some special care.Snowman2013

Surgical Repair, or a slip in the snow,

Living Well Physical Therapy is the place to go.

Muscles, bones, joints and tendons

We’ll get them loose and keep them bendin’.

Chronic ailment or new muscle strain,

We’ll help you heal so there’s no longer pain.

So for your body’s troubles you want to quell,

Get the help you need at Living Well!

Welcome to the Living Well Blog!

Like the Cub’s Opener or the first day of spring, we are excited for the fresh, new energy this blog brings, as well as providing a new avenue for interactions with our friends and patients.

Within you will find Events and the goings-on of our business and community, and we hope – a dose of inspiration. This is a place of healing, after all!

Pour a cup of tea, find your center and a comfy chair, and enjoy what follows – including this jingle from Brenda:

It’s winter time – it’s cold out there!
Come on in for some special care.

Surgical repair, or a slip in the snow,
Living Well Physical Therapy is the place to go.

Nutrition, Naprapathy, Massage, Acupuncture and PT,
The whole body’s covered… try it! You’ll see!

Muscles, joints, bones, and tendons –
We’ll get them loose and keep them bendin’…

Chronic ailment, or a new muscle strain,
We’ll help you heal so there’s no longer pain.

So for your body’s troubles you want to quell,
Get the help you need at Living Well!